About Us

Small Beginnings… Big God

Oak Grove Baptist Church started with eight charter members as a result of a brush arbor revival meeting in 1914. This small group of people stepped out in faith and built a building during the Great Depression. Over the decades, Oak Grove saw many highs and lows. After more than a decade of consistent numerical growth during which Oak Grove was able to plant a new sister church in Wycliffe in the ’50’s, the church experienced difficult days during the ’70’s and ’80’s. The Lord was pleased to revive His church again in the ’80’s and ’90’s. However, most recently, after losing an influential pastor with more than 20 years’ tenure, Oak Grove struggled to maintain a unified body. The last three years saw one family after another leave, many having lost confidence that the Lord would breathe new life into the congregation again. But now, a core group of 9 families has united around the promises of God and are asking Him to “revive us again.” It seems we are again at a place of small beginnings, but trusting in the same big God.